Royal wedding: Meghan Markle's father will give her away, says half-sister

Samantha Markle ends speculation as to whether the bride-to-be's father would take part in his daughter's wedding ceremony.

Only a disaster could stop Meghan Markle's father walking his daughter down the aisle, the American actress's half-sister has said.

Samantha Markle confirmed their father Thomas would be giving the 36-year-old away when she marries Prince Harry on 19 May at Windsor Castle's St George's Chapel.
The comments follow speculation as to whether the bride-to-be's father would be invited to take part in the ceremony.

When asked if her father was attending, Samantha told Channel 5's The Wright Stuff: "Yes he is. God forbid, unless a plane crashes through his roof, he'll be there one way or the other.

"So any rumour to the contrary is... my favourite new word is becoming 'oh rubbish'. Yeah, so he will be there."
Samantha, from her father's first marriage, also swerved questions on a tweet she posted, which had been interpreted as criticising Prince Harry.
The tweet was thought to be in reaction to a comment by Harry that his fiancée was gaining a family she "never had".

She insisted Harry's comments were not "hurtful" and added: "My response was very positive, verbatim, and taken far out of context.
"There was never slamming, it was never negative.
"And, you know, so respectfully so, Harry said a lovely thing. But, and it's true, marrying merely extends that family."
The response follows Harry's comments on BBC Radio 4's Today programme after the couple spent Christmas together with the royal family.


He told presenter Sarah Montague: "She's done an absolutely amazing job. She's getting in there and it's the family I suppose that she's never had."
Samantha then tweeted: "Actually she has a large family who were always there with her and for her."
The actress's mother Doria Ragland divorced Mr Markle when Meghan was six.
The former Suits star lived with her mother in Los Angeles but also spent much of her time with her father.